September 2018 Online Meetup: Understanding Storage Options for Kubernetes using Rancher & Longhorn


Although more and more companies choose to containerize their applications and to use Kubernetes to orchestrate their containers, they continue to face a common challenge: how to preserve application data even after a container closes. Without the ability to persist data, containers might seem to have limited use in many workloads, especially in stateful applications and database architectures.

Fortunately many solutions exist. Join Rancher Labs as we do a deep dive into storage solutions for Docker containers and Kubernetes and discuss best practices for a wide variety of storage use cases.

During the Meetup, Rancher engineers Jason Van Brackel and Sheng Yang will discuss and demo:

-Understanding Storage in Kubernetes
-Persistent storage in the cloud (AWS/Google/Azure)
-Persistent storage on premise (VMware, NFS, iSCSI, etc)
-Container Native Storage Options
-Longhorn Update

As always, all demonstrations are live. We answer any and all questions you may have about containers, Kubernetes, and Rancher!