Not Because We Can, But Because We Have To: A Containerized Journey to the Cloud | Docker


What happens when a large enterprise tries to transition from a market strategy of being the cheap underdog to a market challenger leading with high quality product, and awesome features that fearlessly liberates people to live a more connected life? Tele2 Netherlands, a leading mobile service provider, is transforming how it does business with Docker Enterprise. With a mission and the vision to “cloudify” everything, implement DevOps and achieve full Continuous Delivery (CD), our IT and infrastructure department had quite a challenge to achieve this. What we did was to pick the most important sales channel applications and go all the way with digital transformation. We made it the showcase for the future and initiated the revolution for all our other applications and teams.

In this session, the infrastructure team from Tele2 will explain: How to go from having an idea to running a full container platform in production. The lessons and learnings we have encountered along the way. How Docker Enterprise can spark change and initiate transformation.