Building Infrastructure for the Next Generation of Successful African Ventures | Docker


Africa’s Talking opens up carrier services to developers servicing providing SMS, USSD, Airtime distribution, Payments and Voice capabilities for everyone through our easy to use APIs. For us, developers are at the core of what we do. Africa stands at a tipping point on two levels when we think about building software; how do we build solutions that resonate with our population and once we do, and how do we scale these solutions to solve their needs as efficiently and effectively as possible. These two points are at the heart of the Africa’s Talking ethos. We look to build scalable infrastructure that opens up opportunities for developers on the continent to build these vital solutions for our people. Currently we handle over 30 million API calls within a day, however, with Docker containers, we are able to scale our services across the African continent which along with Kubernetes opens up massive possibilities for developers looking to build solutions for the African landscape. Moreover, we understand the need for skill in our developer ecosystem. For us to provide the right kind of skill for the ecosystem at scale, that’s not only able to write software using our APIs but also software that’s well written and scalable, we decided to build a platform that provided both of the aforementioned skills for our developers. This and various offline programs we run, aim to help raise a whole new generation of successful ventures built by developers. At the heart of all this, is containerization with Docker and the will to create a positive impact on the African narrative.