Modernizing Italian Government Digital Services With Docker Enterprise | Docker


Digital Transformation enablement is part of DXC’s DNA. This story is about the introduction of a DevOps platform service in the Italy’s Government Cloud services catalog in partnership with DXC. Italy’s Digital Agency had mapped out a 3 year digital transformation plan and engaged with DXC to introduce innovative services to accelerate the development of new applications and to modernize existing ones.

The Container DevOps Platform (CDP) solution has core Docker Enterprise at its core and integrates it with a set of relevant tools to support DevOps practices across multiple offices within the Italian national government. This project is a key enabler in the digital transformation programs for the public sector in Italy for managing the complete lifecycle of IT services. Today, a public sector entity can “onboard” existing applications on a CDP instance and using a full software-defined model to maintain them as efficient, secure, scalable and portable modern assets – with no more lock-in to legacy platforms. At the same time, new micro-service based applications can be easily created and reused making full use of the container technology.

This session will provide an overview the CDP characteristics, architecture, integrated technologies, supporting its operating model, and finally how it is used and the benefits it brings to the customers in the public sector in Italy, including the Agency for the Digital Agenda (which oversees IT for Italy’s public sector, the Ministry of Education, University and Research and the office of the Minister for Public Administration.