Containerizing Open Source Contributions | Docker


In 20 minutes, I will provide a story of a person not really highly skilled in Docker technology and still able to containerize a Dev environment for a particular project.

The problem: Lots of projects on GitHub have very specific requirements for the contributor’s machine. When you want to contribute to more than one project it becomes increasingly possible to have conflicting requirements. Also one OS simply does not support the environment required.

Why is this a problem: Anyone wanting to contribute to open source needs to scale issues that are not necessarily connected to the project itself but with infrastructure that project depends on or expects to be present.

The solution: A Docker image for development to serve as a foundation for contributors.

The presentation will follow these guidelines Story of me trying to contribute to Angular:
– issue CRLF vs LF endings (windows vs linux)
– different node version that what I already used
– Interested in Docker containers Some details about general js projects development in a container (not too Angular specific)
– npm modules
– sync code host/container
– building
– debugging