Open Source Summit: Build Kit


BuildKit is a modern builder toolkit powering the next generation of docker build with many new capabilities to boost your developer and CI workflow. Maintainers and BuildKit experts from Docker, Google, and NTT Corporation will present new features and useful patterns for getting the most out of BuildKit, advanced features around defining your own front-ends, and using a rootless BuildKit in Kubernetes.

Getting the most out of BuildKit Tonis Tiigi, Docker Inc., Software Engineer

In this session, Tonis will cover useful features of BuildKit, the new modern build architecture for Docker. He’ll explain the advantages of BuildKit and techniques you can now use in your Dockerfile to significantly improve your developer and CI workflows. Tonis will also give an update on the new BuildKit capabilities in the latest releases, for example, the new inline build cache feature coming in Docker 19.03. You can learn about the remote caching capabilities, how to efficiently use BuildKit for building multi-platform images or how BuildKit can now be used to build other types of artifacts than just container images.

Implementing Alternative Frontends with BuildKit Matt Rickard, Google, Software Engineer

Did you know that you could use the Docker CLI to build Docker images with something other than a Dockerfile? We’ll do a step-by-step walkthrough of implementing an alternative frontend using BuildKit, a toolkit for converting source code to build artifacts in an efficient, expressive and repeatable manner. You’ll get an overview of BuildKit, as well as the skills you need to go back and implement your own frontend. You’ll see how you can use your own syntax to define an image that can be built with the same Docker tools you already have. In our journey, we’ll touch on some of the more advanced features of BuildKit: distributable workers, execution without root privileges, and of course the extendable front ends.

Deploying Rootless BuildKit on Kubernetes Akihiro Suda, NTT Corporation, Software Engineer, Moby/BuildKit maintainer

Building images on Kubernetes is attractive for distributing workload across multiple nodes, typically in CI/CD pipeline. However, it had been considered dangerous due to the dependency on `securityContext.privileged`. In this talk, Akihiro will show how to use Rootless BuildKit in Kubernetes, which can be executed as a non-root user without extra `securityContext` configuration.

Tonis Tiigi – Software Engineer, Docker
Matt Rickard – Software Engineer, Google
Akihiro Suda – Software Engineer, NTT Corporation