Creating the Secure “Application Factory” with Docker Enterprise at the Dutch Ministry of Justice | Docker


In 2016, the ICT Shared Service Center at the Dutch Ministry of Justice started by containerizing an application with Docker. At the time, our organization struggled with the development, test, acceptance and production “street” or software lifecycle. Siloed departments and the demand for high security levels increased the time it took to deploy these environment to three or more months in some cases.

In this session, we’ll explain how we’ve introduced Docker Enterprise as a game changer. It has opened up a new way of thinking that supports our goal of embracing DevOps and Continuous Delivery in a national government agency — and delivers the promise of rapid and secure deployment, or code rollback.

In the session, you’ll learn:
– How DJI created an “application factory” that reduced new application environment setup time from months to just hours
– Why we chose to build new applications on containers before migrating existing ones
– How to change your own way of thinking to support DevOps and continuous delivery