Why Making Your Containers Run is Only 40% of the Solution


When it comes to rolling out an enterprise Containers-as-a-Service solution, getting your containers to run will only get you so far. Many of the challenges you will face are things you may not anticipate at the start of your journey: Our cluster is setup, but now what about “Day 2” operations? How do we track changes and provide logging, metrics and visibility? Our developers are moving quickly and have the tools that they need, but what security considerations should I be thinking of? · We made it past “day 2” and we have a few teams using containers, but how do I scale the process to all new Teams? With some successes under our belt we want to go faster…how do I implement automated building/testing/deployments (CI/CD)? We’re getting good at providing Containers-aaS in one location, now how can we accomplish a seamless hybrid/multi-cloud strategy? What should we be looking at to enhance our Team Member experience and prepare for future opportunities? In this session, Tommy Hamilton from Quicken Loans will share all the things he wish he knew when starting with containers so you can take a shortcut in your journey and plan for success.

Speaker: Tommy Hamilton, Quicken Loans