How Pipedrive scaled and accelerated development using Docker Enterprise


At Pipedrive, we designed all of our internal processes with a “self-service attitude” that gives our developers the flexibility to build and test new services as often as they like. Each developer has a Docker Desktop environment, with the ability to self-provision an on-demand isolated sandbox environment on top of Docker Enterprise. Tied to our CI/CD process, Pipedrive manages a fleet of microservices across multiple datacenters where we do 250+ deployments a day, 50 of them in our production environment. In this talk we’ll show you how this works, what the day in the life a developer looks like at Pipedrive, and how how several Docker products influenced the development processes. We’ll also explore the architectural decisions and reasoning around it. And finally, if the demo-gods are merciful, then we’ll do some hands-on demonstration of the environment.

Renno Reinurm, Pipedrive