Keynote: Cloud Native at Alibaba Scale – Xiang Li


Keynote: Cloud Native at Alibaba Scale – Xiang Li, Senior Staff Engineer, Alibaba Group and Technical Oversight Committee Member, CNCF

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As one of the biggest Internet companies in the world, Alibaba provides thousands of online/offline services to various customers to support their business. A typical Alibaba cluster consists of tens of thousands of nodes and manages more than ten thousand heterogeneous applications. To evolve and innovate Alibaba’s infrastructure at a rapid pace, Alibaba started its journey of cloud native a few years ago. We fully containerized our applications, launched Kubernetes clusters with thousands of nodes, integrated Kubernetes into our container platform, and adopted emerging projects like Dragonfly, Envoy, and Helm. We are building an ecosystem around cloud native technologies. This talk will walk you through our successful journey to cloud native, identify key scalability and usability problems we faced to scale Kubernetes and the cloud native platform up to tens of thousands of nodes, and present the strategies to overcome them. We believe that the engineering effort and the experience we have are valuable to companies small and large for their path of being cloud native.