BuildKit: A Modern Builder Toolkit on Top of containerd – Tonis Tiigi & Akihiro Suda


BuildKit: A Modern Builder Toolkit on Top of containerd – Tonis Tiigi, Docker Inc. & Akihiro Suda, NTT

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BuildKit is a modern OCI image builder toolkit based on containerd container runtime used as a new backend in Docker build command and in rootless builder img. In this session, we’ll demonstrate the capabilities of BuildKit and how it can help to improve your current application development process and your CI workflow. For example, we’ll explain new features that allow to significantly improve the performance of your Dockerfiles or how with remote caching support in BuildKit you can be used to speed up your CI builds. Relying on the containerd manifest list support BuildKit can build multi-platform images with a single build request and a single Dockerfile. Participants will learn how to use BuildKit today, either as part of Docker platform or as a standalone tool deployed on a Kubernetes cluster, and the benefits it has compared to the previous image building methods.