OOPs, OOMs, Oh My! Containerizing JVM Applications | Docker


It ain’t just a whim – to be able to continue innovating, we’ve moved our good old static production to containers. We needed to be elastic, fast, reliable and production ready at any time – that’s why we chose Docker containers. But like in most enterprises, lots of our apps run on the JVM and most JVMs’ ergonomics assume they are “own” the server they are running on.

So how do you containerize JVM apps?
Should you really increase JVM heap if we have spare memory?
What about OS caches?
What are the differences between JDK 8, 9 and 10 when it comes to container awareness?
Outages because of out of memory errors?
Slowness because of long garbage collection and poor environment visibility?

Long story short, in this session we’ll look at the gotchas of running JVM apps in containers and teach you how to avoid costly mistakes.