How Entergy is Mitigating Legacy Windows Operating System Vulnerabilities With Docker Enterprise


Entergy, a large utility company headquartered in New Orleans, LA has launched an initiative to modernize their application infrastructure. During the initial analysis, Entergy recognized the existing legacy infrastructure’s lack of compatibility with more recent operating systems would stand in the way of progress. As a result, containerization was fast-tracked as the solution that can help them with the various tenants of their strategy: hyperconvergence, SaaS (ServiceNow), and workload portability. Docker Enterprise proved to be the right solution to migrate roughly 850 legacy applications from Windows Server 2003 and 2008 to Windows Server 2016 quickly, securely and economically. Entergy IT has now delivered the ability for the business to run applications on-premise, in the cloud, and future-proofed the applications for migration to new versions of Windows Server. In this session, Entergy will talk about how they are modernizing their infrastructure to become more agile, secure, and enable workload portability.
Speakers: Jason Brown, Entergy Jeff Hummel, Entergy