Practical Istio


A lot of ink has been spilled describing what Istio is and the (long) list of features it provides. In this talk, we move past the overview and dive in to specific problems that companies are solving using parts of Istio today. We’ll walk through several concrete use cases including: how one company made an existing system highly available (HA) with Istio; how another company with strict security requirements uses Citadel to manage certificates across their fleet and secure service to service communication; and finally how a third company is using Envoys and Pilot to manage traffic in their deployments, enabling them to break down their monolith into a set of microservices without affecting the other teams in their organization consuming the monolith’s functionality. To make things concrete we’ll walk through demos of each use case in a live cluster, showing how Istio can be deployed and integrated with applications to meet the requirements of these use cases.

Speaker: Zack Butch, Tetrate